• AMPHION Communications has been in the hosting business since 1996 and we concentrate on the "boutique" tipe of business, our clients ALWAYS are referals, we don't host websites of clients we don't know. If you open an account on our servers you will receive a call from us and will check a reference to another existing customer. If we can't talk to you your credit card charge will be reversed and the order will be cnaceled.
  • Yes, that obviously restricts our potential clientelle, but the accounts in our servers are of people who we personally know and with whom we do business, there are no surprises, no abusers, no spammers or hackers or bandwith hogs. Most of the websites we host have been designed and developed by ourselves.
  • Peace of Mind We strive to be the kind of providers we would like to have ourselves.
    We are not a large hosting provider. Almost all of our customers have arrived by referral. We host the sites we develop and give honest answers, reliable service, 24/7 server monitoring and technical expertise.
  • There are many questions to be answered when planning the hosting of your website. What you need is someone with the experience that will give you the service your organization needs and deserves; someone like AMPHION Communications. We are trying to be your partners more than just providers.

  • Peace of Mind and Technical Knowledge: We know our servers from the inside out. We spend most of our days connected and working on these machines so we know exactly how are they performing and we are on top of the issues that may arise.
  • Two layers of constant monitoring:AMPHION Communications and the technical personnel at the Data Center. We have developed and currently host hundreds of sites. We understand that your site is your business and it's also ours. If something is wrong we are the first to know.
  • You can talk to us: Beware of providers that offer separate sales and tech support lines. Call us and you'll be talking to the same people who will give you customer support. We don't believe in acquiring customers and then neglecting them. You are paying for our service and our commitment, not just resources in a server. You can call at 1-877-877-HOST for live representatives Mon-Fri 9AM 5PM EST.
  • What's with the numbers? Many competitors play the numbers game. They offer you 300, 600 even 1000 MB of hard Drive space or unlimited email accounts or huge data tranfers for very little money every month, and you ask: Where is the catch? They catch is they know that you are going to use a lot less than what it's offered and if you really use those resources they'll give you the cold shoulder so you have to find a new provider. Not with AMPHION. What you are offered is what you get and you get the same helpful customer support independently of your use of resources. That said, we do offer very affordable hosting solutions from $7.96 a month (with long term commitment). you get the ame tech support, same cordial treatment that we give to large corporations and financial institutions that pay us hundreds of dollars per month for their advanced hosting features.


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