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DatacenterAMPHION Communications has been in the hosting business since 1996. We concentrate on the "boutique" type of business and our clients are ALWAYS referrals; we don't host websites of clients that we don't know.

Yes, that obviously restricts our potential clientele, but the accounts on our servers are of people who we personally know and with whom we do business. There are no surprises, no abusers, no spammers, no hackers or bandwidth hogs. Most of the websites that we host have been designed and developed by ourselves.


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Carlos and the team at Amphion Communications designed and service the website for my consulting and speaking business. Carlos is fast, innovative and quick to recommend ways to get the results we need with less stress and expenses. His designer, Anna, is outstanding as well. They have designed several websites for me and I'll be back again! September 28, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative
Allison Blankenship - FL

Hi Anna, Wow, you all are soooo good. These are both great ideas. I kind of like #1 better myself. I have forwarded it on so that everyone can see it. I look forward to talking to you soon.
Debbie - Pompano Beach, FL
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